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Pros And Cons Of Latex Foam Mattresses

A latex foam mattress is built from two or three sheets of latex foam.

There are three kinds of latex foam mattress.

  • Synthetic latex foam
  • Blended latex foam
  • Natural latex foam

Pros Of Latex Foam Mattresses


Bacteria are very dangerous for human beings and can cause a lot of health issues. The usual mattresses are basically a home for bacteria as they are comfortable and hot. Even though they find a home in these mattresses, they create illness, smells, etc.

Perfect latex foam mattresses are defiant against the microbial and does not let the bacteria stay and grow on the latex foam mattresses. There are toppers for these mattresses which gives an extra layer of safety between the mattress and the person sleeping.

Long Life

Compared to the typical mattresses, latex foam mattresses have a life of ten to fifteen years whereas the normal mattresses have a life of about two to five years. So, if you pay a high amount for latex mattresses, it will be worth it because they have a long life.

Environmentally Sound

Latex mattresses are environmental friendly, lasting and safe.

Cons Of Latex Foam Mattresses


The cost of latex mattresses is more compared to the normal spring mattresses or polyurethane mattresses. There are some people who gets latex foam mattresses recommended by the doctor but since the mattresses are expensive they cannot easily afford it.


The weight of latex foam mattress is an issue. They are very heavy and needs two or three people for moving the mattress. Many high-end latex are heavier when compared to other mattresses.


People who have used latex mattresses say that these mattresses are very rigid and stiff. Before buying a mattress, make sure to examine its Impression Load Deflection. If the Impression Load Deflection is higher, it means the foam is stiff and if the Impression Load Deflection is lower, it means the foam is comfortable.

When you first use the mattress, it may seem hard but over time it becomes soft.


Latex mattresses gives off heat which is not desirable for everyone. The issue of heat generation is mostly found in closed-cell foams.


Latex foams are known for alleviating pressure but they are not as good as memory foam in the reducing the pressure.

There are also some luxury mattress brands online where you can find some comfortable mattresses.