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Important facts about sports massages

Sports massage is reported to have many beneficial effects in athletics. A sports massage can be used post-performance, pre-performance during training, and rehabilitation. Elite athletics to recreational exercise. It’s the most popular choice. Many different movements and techniques are used in sports massage. Sports massage is a systematic manipulation of the soft tissue of the body that focuses on the muscle relevant to the tissue. Runner Paves Nurmi was the one who was using sports massage in 1924, in Olympic in Paris where he won the five gold medals. Jack Meagher is the father of sports massage in the United States. Various techniques and movements are using for sports massage, for instance, Swedish massage, effleurage (stroking), compression, friction, vibration, gliding, percussion, trigger points. These types of foot reflexology massage are used to try to help the athletic body achieve maximum performance and reduce the chance of physical injury, quick recovery if it will happen.



Massaging the muscle tissues will stimulate the blood flow, this massage movement allows the blood vessel to open and dilate. These intense stroking massage techniques help both flows the blood and lymph vessels. As massage gets tight, stiff, they act similarly to the sponge and squeeze blood out, which can also help to damage tissues too. The movement of stroking massage help to get repair the damaged area will receive the nutrients, required level of oxygen.


Once pain will naturally release, endorphins will help to minimize any feeling of discomfort. Endorphins are natural forms of pain relief, can also be brought out through massage. Any congestion of metabolic irritant will be reduced as the muscle relax.


A strong level of movement will help the relaxation of the muscle. Sports massage helps to increase your range of motion. Which will allow muscling to get relax and increase their mobility. A tense or tight muscle will get injured easily. Sports massage will help to warm the muscles, you would not get physically relax feel mentally relax too.


Sports massage does not help to get relax physically; it will help psychologically. In the endorphins are released by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. Neurotransmitters help to release the anxiety and feeling of stress along with improving your moods as well.


Reduce pain, looser muscle allows you to perform better whatever task you going to perform. It’s important to warm your muscle before doing exercise and relax them, it will become more mobilized, and reduce the chance of injury.

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